When you lose a loved one, the last thing you want to do is think about their ashes. But what if there was another way to keep them close by? What if you could turn their ashes into a beautiful diamond that would last forever? Ashes diamonds are becoming increasingly popular, and for a good reason. There are several different types of ashes diamonds available, each with its own unique properties. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of ashes diamonds and help you decide which one is right for you!

What are the different types of diamonds?

Below are some of the well-known diamonds out there:

The first type of diamond with ashes is the classic white diamond. White diamonds are the most popular and traditional choice for engagement rings and other fine jewelry. They are also the most affordable type of diamond.

The second type of diamond is the black diamond. Black diamonds are less common than white diamonds, but they are gaining in popularity. Black diamonds have a unique look that can add a bit of edge to your jewelry collection. They are also more affordable than white diamonds.

The third type of diamond is the ashes diamond. Ashes diamonds are created when a loved one dies, and their cremated remains are used to create the diamond. This type of diamond is very special and meaningful, as it literally contains a part of your loved one’s soul. Ashes diamonds are the most expensive type of diamond, but they are priceless to those who wear them.

The fourth kind of diamond is the synthetic diamond. Synthetic diamonds are man-made, and they have all of the same characteristics as natural diamonds. Synthetic diamonds are more affordable than natural diamonds, but they are not as special or meaningful.

The fifth one is the type IIa diamond. Type IIa diamonds are the rarest and most valuable type of diamond. They are completely colorless and have no impurities. Type IIa diamonds are very expensive, but they are truly a work of art.

The sixth one is the champagne diamond. Champagne diamonds are a type of fancy colored diamond that is yellow or brown in color. They are less expensive than other fancy colored diamonds, but they are still quite beautiful.

The eighth one is the orangy diamond. Orangy diamonds are a type of fancy colored diamond that is orange in color. They are extremely uncommon and one of a kind.

The last type of diamond is the blue diamond. Blue diamonds are the rarest and most valuable type of fancy-colored diamond. They are very expensive, but they are truly a work of art. Blue diamonds are the most special and meaningful type of diamond, as they symbolize love, hope, and faith.


Which type of diamond is right for you? It depends on your personal style and budget. If you want a classic and timeless look, go with a white diamond. If you’re looking for something a little different, consider a black diamond. And if you want a truly unique and meaningful piece of jewelry, an ashes diamond is a perfect choice.