Duty Free shopping is sort of inevitable throughout our travels. Specifically because the things we purchase from you will find tax and duty free. For many, vacations would not be complete without shopping whenever and wherever you will find stores about in the region or host to their travel.

Duty Free shopping, fortunately, can also be popular in the united states of St. Lucia. You will find three known areas with where one can really go “duty free” shopping. And like I stated, you will need to, even without having to, frequent some point in each and every vacation. Since different products and costs await you in each and every duty free shop.

So here’s quick tips shopping in St. Lucia.

Know prior to going and mind to frequent one of the numerous duty-free stores in St. Lucia, that you ought to take along your air travel ticket and private identification like a passport. You’ll need these documents to create any duty-free purchases. There aren’t any exceptions.

Duty Free shopping can be obtained in the following shopping malls in St. Lucia:

1. La Place Carenage, Castries with a souvenirs and gifts outlet right in the primary harbor. This area is known for good finds on crafts and arts and fine jewellery that are perfect for gifts.

2. Pointe Seraphine, Castries. The dockside outlet in this region was set up because of cruiseship visits through the years. Here you’ll find designer perfumes, very china, clothing, cigars and jewellery.

3. J.Q. Mall, Rodney Bay. Here, you are able to go look for products from individuals known in your area to jewellery.

4. Then there’s the shop in the Hawanorra Airport terminal.

But listed here are a couple of more tips and items to know when you choose only to look around St. Lucia.

Store hrs may vary however the usual time most of the stores open from Monday to Friday is about 8:30 AM up to 12:30 PM and they re-open again at 1:30 PM until 4:30 PM. During Saturdays, the majority of the shops are open only each morning at 8:30 until 4:30 within the mid-day, except for major shopping malls which are open throughout the afternoons also. As well as on Sundays, apart from the businesses in the marina, shopping is usually closed.

Lower “duty-free” prices can also be found over the island in resorts and strip malls. However, you would still identification like a customer to obtain the duty-free deals. This excellent place truly as a great deal to offer than simply the area itself. Go duty free shopping in St. Lucia and produce home something to help remind you of the awesome visit to this beautiful country.