One thing that makes vaping so popular with people trying to quit smoking is the vast array of available flavours. No matter your preferred flavour profile, there is a vape juice somewhere that you will enjoy. Many of the available e-liquids are fruity flavours. Still, there are others besides these. Below are some of the firm favourites for vape juice flavours that you may want to try yourself when trying to give up smoking cigarettes.

Mango Flavour E-Liquid

You find that mango is a flavour of vape juice UK vapers love, and its rich sweet taste can make for an enjoyable vaping experience. Many people love the taste of mango, and it gives you the impression you are somewhere tropical. If you are looking for an e-liquid packed full of flavour, mango is an excellent choice, and it is available in many combinations with different flavours.

Apple Flavour E-Liquid

Another firm favourite with vapers throughout the UK is apple, and this can appear in many varieties. You will often see apple e-liquid mixed with other fruity combinations, such as lime, blackcurrant, blueberry, pineapple, or strawberry. You can even find ones that have cinnamon and taste exactly like apple pie if you prefer a dessert orientated flavour vape juice.

Banana Flavour E-Liquid

Another popular flavour of vape juice you can consider is banana, which can pair well with many different flavours. You will often find that vape juice manufacturers will pair a banana with orange, cream, or custard flavours, and it gives the taste of a dessert that is incredibly moreish.

Blueberry Flavour E-Liquid

Blueberry is another popular choice for many vapers, and it is often paired with other flavours rather than a stand-alone one. You can often see blueberry being mixed with mango, strawberry, peach, and citrus fruits, and it is also common for it to have menthol, giving it a cool crisp flavour. You can also get vape juice that tastes like blueberry bubble gum, and you also see cream, custard, and yoghurt used to make deliciously flavourful combinations of e-liquid.

Raspberry Flavour E-Liquid

Raspberry is another firm favourite with many vapers in the UK, and it is also available in many flavour combinations. It is often paired with citrus fruits, and you can also find other berries, including blueberry and strawberry, and there are also dessert flavour profiles available. You can find vape juices with cream, chocolate, custard, or yoghurt, which make for a flavoursome vape juice that is packed full of deliciousness.

Citrus Flavour E-Liquid

Citrus can encompass many fruits, including orange, lemon, lime, and other citrus fruits. You do not often get a straight citrus flavour e-liquid, but it combines well with different flavours. Notes of citrus can change how vape juice tastes and push it over the edge to become something delicious. You will find there are many vape juices from which you can choose that include citrus flavours, as it is a trendy flavour for many people.

These are only a few of the flavour profiles you can choose when you take up vaping to help you quit smoking cigarettes. Ensure you select a flavour you love, and you can help ensure you never touch a cigare