One question people often ask is whether they can rent a stairlift rather than purchase one. The good news is that most certified stairlift companies do offer rental options, but not everybody qualifies for a rental. Some staircases require a customised stairlift, which makes finding a rental one impossible.

Standard Rental Requirements

No matter if you are leaning towards renting a stairlift or purchasing one, always look for a company that offers a free consultation. An evaluation of your home by a qualified technician is necessary because it is what determines if your home is eligible for a rental or if you will need to purchase new stairlifts in Evesham.

Although there are a few exceptions, your home must meet these basic requirements to be considered for a rental.

  • Minimum of 10 steps
  • Maximum of 16 steps
  • No intermediate landings
  • The staircase must be straight and must be indoors

Time and Financial Constraints

When deciding to rent or purchase a stairlift, one thing to consider is how long you will need it for. Most companies that do rentals require a specific time commitment, typically four months. The reason behind this is because of how much work is involved in installing and removing the lifts.

Other companies will offer a buy-back program, which gives you a percentage of your money back if you sell it back to them within three years of the purchase date. There is also a rent-to-own option.