From bills to the responsibilities of children, romantic relationships face hurdles every day, but it takes little gestures to rekindle a love that seems to be dying. You have the option of watching TV together or planning a couple’s getaway with your partner. But, one such gesture that will leave a lasting impression and won’t make you pay thousands of dollars involves customizing photobooks with MixBook. Here is how to go about it:

  1. Arrange your photos from the first encounter to the last

The way to arrange photos should tell a story. Think of the first time you met. It could be in a coffee shop, at the movies, or in church. If you took pictures of the first day you met, ensure it appears on the first page. If you didn’t, there is no need to worry. You can find a photo of the location and place it on the first page. The rest of the book should also follow that sequence till you mount the latest pictures.

  1. Rekindle your love using your first-date photos

First-date experiences never escape people’s minds. It is a time when you met a stranger who’s turned into family. It also depicts how your relationship has transformed from a first-time encounter to a lifetime experience. Even if you aren’t photogenic, the only time to drop your fears about how you looked is when you’re customizing your photos. Remember, your fashion style a decade ago wasn’t perfect, but it reminds you of how much you’ve transformed over the years. Your first-date pictures also portray how technology has evolved.

  1. The process works better when you work together

Reminiscing the good and bad times is just another way of telling your story. It makes it even better when you put the pictures together. Sometimes, it takes a second eye to create something that brings so much fun. You might be surprised at how creative your partner is at designing and mounting photos in a book. So, when your guests or audience finally land their hands on your book, you will have tons of stories to share with them without mentioning a word.

  1. Keep taking photos and add them to your collection

Do you remember when you went for couple’s therapy, and all you wanted was to rekindle your love life? If it helped you patch things up, what are the odds that more photos can prevent any challenging situation you may face in the future? The bottom line is to take as many pictures as you can and add them to your collection. Doing that depicts how both of you have overcome the hurdles of relationships and other life challenges. If your current photo book lacks space for new pictures, it is harmless to create a new one.

Ignite the fire in your relationship in a photo book

Capturing your love story in a photo book may seem like a small gesture, but it has proven to rekindle relationships. While there is no proven formula for customizing picture books, these tips can be helpful if you are a beginner. If you get stuck, please get in touch with Mixbook’s customer support team for further guidance.

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