When you are in the business of using injection molding machines to create your products or those of your customers, you must take excellent care of them to keep them working perfectly. Besides daily checks and regular maintenance, you are also going to have to clean your machines regularly. Below are some tips to help you create a routine to maintain your injection molding machines, keep them clean, keep them working, and reduce their downtime.

Check Your Machines Daily

You will want to have your maintenance engineers check your machinery daily, and ideally, you will do it at the start and end of every shift. Giving the machines a quick visual inspection can help you catch minor problems before they become more significant ones and reduce your machinery’s downtime. You will also want the engineers to liaise with your quality assurance department. If they notice more imperfections in the products than usual, you may have an issue that needs fixing.

Cleaning Your Machinery

Although your production manager may not like having downtime of your production facility while cleaning and maintaining your machinery, it is essential to do. Rather than looking at daily productivity levels, it is better to look at the bigger picture, so look at quarterly or yearly levels instead. It will help reduce the pressure and ensure your engineers have the time to maintain your injection molding machines correctly, and part of that process is cleaning. Using injection mold cleaner, they can clean all the moulding machines’ parts to ensure that there are no imperfections in the products you make. They will flush out any leftover residue and ensure the entire machine is clean, ready to start production again as soon as they finish. You will want to look at the manufacturers’ recommendations to see how many cycles your machines can operate before requiring cleaning and follow their service recommendations.

Service Them Regularly

You will also want to ensure that you give your machines a thorough service once a quarter, and doing so can help prevent further time-consuming repairs and servicing for your machines. Many companies that make these machines will offer training courses for your engineers, so they can get valuable experience in maintaining and repairing them. Make sure that you send your staff to these courses whenever they are available, so they can also get valuable experience which can help them do their job more efficiently. Trying to go too long without servicing your machines will result in more downtime, reducing production, and overall reducing your profits, so it is not something yu should try and put off from doing