To make the gifting experience more personalized, choose a custom corporate gift box with soft touch lamination and an elegant mailer. Then, contact a customer service representative for advice. They can also recommend the items to be included in the gift.

Handcrafted gift box with soft touch lamination

Handcrafted corporate gift boxes are a great way to express gratitude to customers and business associates. They come in a variety of styles and sizes. They can also include custom inserts for the recipient. In addition, you can choose between soft touch lamination, gloss, or matte finishes.

A “soft touch” lamination is typically achieved through a fluid coating applied over a stock. This coating creates a smoother feel on the outside while reducing the brilliance. It is used during printing and dries to provide a velvety touch.

These gift boxes can be printed with a customized design, message, or hot-stamped logo. The boxes can also be made from recycled paper pulp and are cost-efficient when printed in small quantities. The inside of these boxes can be decorated with gold or silver foil. In addition to the box’s interior, many companies also choose to use custom or printed ribbons.

A soft touch finish is perfect for packaging with a subtle yet sophisticated feel. It makes colors appear more subdued and muted, but high-contrast colors remain vivid. In addition, a soft touch finish increases the visibility of a custom package. It also has a velvety feel, which evokes class and refinement.

Handcrafted gift box with custom-printed mailer

A handcrafted custom corporate gift box is an excellent way to communicate with clients. They can be used as welcome gifts for new clients or to start conversations about renewing service. They see that you value your relationships and care about their needs. When you design a corporate gift box, consider the recipient’s persona. For example, a tech-savvy client may prefer a custom hoodie or a wireless speaker. On the other hand, a woman might be more likely to appreciate a spa-themed gift.

If you’re looking for a unique way to give your employees a holiday gift that will be appreciated, consider creating an employee care package. This box can include a variety of treats, including small-batch soap, a citrus shower steamer, and a luxurious eye mask. Employees will enjoy unwrapping a box full of goodies. A corporate gift box like this can be a great way to spread holiday cheer among your team and thank those who work hard to make your business successful.

The holiday season is busy, so you should plan accordingly. Orders placed before November 30th will be considered pre-orders. Your gifts will be shipped between December 1st and December 10th.

When selecting a corporate gift box, you should keep in mind the weight and size of the items you want to put inside. Choosing the correct size box will determine the cost of your gift. In addition, some companies have minimum order requirements for gift boxes. Therefore, the price of a corporate gift box can range from $30 to $150+.

If you’re looking for a simple and elegant way to show appreciation for your team and clients, consider purchasing a custom-made corporate gift box. A thoughtful gift box will leave a lasting impression on your recipients. You can customize it with a logo or custom design and include a wide selection of items. In addition, incorporate seasonal or occasion themes into your custom corporate gift box for added impact.