Fishing, or angling, as it is also known, is a productive pastime that many people like to engage; whether freshwater or on the ocean, fishing offers much in terms of enjoyment. If you have decided to give it a go, here are some of the terms used in fishing circles.

  • Fishing tackle – A term that refers to all the equipment you need to fish; rod, reel, line and hook.
  • Bait – This is what you put on the hook; your choice of bait depends on the species you are trying to catch.
  • Live bait – A live fish is used as bait for a predatory species.
  • Chumming – This is the act of releasing food into the water with the intention of attracting fish to the area you are fishing. If you are going on a fishing charter in Merimbula, the deckhand will start chumming from the rear of the boat to attract fish.
  • Lure – Artificial bait made to look like the real thing.
  • Leader – A short piece of nylon filament or steel wire that connects the weight to the hook.
  • Line – Typically nylon filament or braid, the breaking strain would determine how much force the line can take before it snaps.
  • Landing net – A small net with a long handle, which is used to bring the fish out of the water.
  • Rod – The fishing rod is the pole you use to control the bait.
  • Reel – This device holds the line, which can be retrieved and let out. Type of reels include centre pin, spinning and multiplier reel, which is used for boat fishing.
  • Swivel – A small device that allows both ends to swivel, preventing line tangles.
  • Strike – The action used to set the hook is called a strike; as the fish takes your bait, you pull while holding the rod tip in the air and this sets the barbed hook in the fish’s mouth.
  • Trolling – The action of towing a fishing line behind a boat, with the bait or lure skipping across the surface.
  • Bite or hit – When a fish takes the bait, this is called a bite or a hit; this is the time to strike and set the hook.

Like most things, the more you fish, the better you will become and whether on the river, the side of a lake or in the ocean, you have the chance to catch a monster! Once you hook a big fish, you will be hooked on this unique sport.