People who like to travel privately instead of going through all the issues with traveling in commercial ones can opt for private jets. With the advent of these travel options, there is an increase in the demand for the private jet charter companies all over the world.

Depending on the destination and the group of people traveling, people have to select the best private jet from the available options.

Situations when people might need to book a private jet

There are a few specific scenarios when people might get an instinct to book a private jet via a private jet charter company. Some of those situations include

  • When the scheduled commercial flight is missed and they really have to attend that specific event or place.
  • If they want to or have to impress the clients
  • For business trips that are essential and are mandatory.
  • Special Occasions like anniversaries, birthdays and weddings.
  • When they are planning to transport a certain group of people from one point to another without any hassle.

Types of aircraft that can be chartered using these private jet companies

  1. Small propeller aircraft can fly short to mid-range distances.
  2. Small Jet will be the ideal choice for mid-range trips.
  3. Medium Jet is ideal for short trips with large cabins and luxurious facilities.
  4. Long-Range jet is for long-distance trips and with large cabins for more capacity.
  5. Regional Airliner is for corporate travel. They are used for seatings between 15 to 150 people.
  6. Large Airliners can be hired for private use. This can be used to remove the hassle of transporting a large group of passengers without having to worry about their check-ins.

Benefits of traveling via private jets

There are many factors that make people opt for private jets. Some of them include

  1. The travelers can fly according to their own schedule when they opt for private jets.
  2. By Opting for private jets people can save a lot of their time as they don’t have to wait in line or queues at the airport.
  3. There won’t be luggage check-in issues.
  4. The luxurious interiors inside the jet can make the traveler happy and satisfied.
  5. There will be pick up and drop facilities from the airport and to the destination.

Best Private Jet Charter Companies that are available

There are many private jet companies offering a lot of benefits. A good private jet charter company should provide passengers access to all the advantages at affordable prices.

  1. Villiers Jets
  2. Vida Jets
  3. Private Jet Finder
  4. Virofly
  5. Stratos Jet Charters
  6. City Jet Inc
  7. Lucky Jets

How much will it cost to fly using a private jet?

As Covid 19 made people cautious about how they can fly using commercial flights, people are opting to fly using a private jet charter company as they can keep a healthy social distance and they can even avoid busy airports and crowds.


It is always recommended to travel along with the passport even though it is not required. And people can arrive at the terminal just 10 to 20 minutes prior to the check-in. They will be short and straightforward.

The luggage that the people can carry depends on the aircraft according to the size of the aircraft. Large aircraft can hold bigger baggage like 20 large suitcases whereas small ones can hold up to one per passenger.