Royal Enfield has done it again with their latest Bullet 500. The motorcycle is reminiscent of its vintage predecessors except for the fact that it’s powered with a solid 500 cc Unit Construction Engine, superior power delivery, and improved fuel economy.

Despite all these new advances, the bike’s design still remains the same in that it still looks how it did when the original bike first came out in the 1930s.

An Iconic Design

Royal Enfield is best known for their Bullet series, which has been around for decades and continues to be the longest-running motorcycle in history to be in continuous production. One of the best things about this motorcycle is its laid-bare engine, handcrafted chrome detailing, and the signature hand-painted pinstripes that make it so iconic.

The latest in the series is the Royal Enfield Bullet 500, which features a single cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled, electronic fuel-injected 500 cc engine; 280 mm disc brakes with two piston callipers for stopping power; an electric starter; and 19-inch wheels front and rear to add stability. The bike comes in two colours, black and forest green.

Where to Shop the Bullet 500

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